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We've got great news! As a valued patient, we are giving you access to exclusive offers via your mobile phone. Our app allows you to be the first to hear (read, I guess) about our specials and to request appointments. We've added this option to make the entire experience easier and quicker.

We're really excited to provide you with our mobile app, TalkWithMe. How excited, you ask? More excited than if we woke up to breakfast in bed, a snow day, and a trip to the Bahamas—well, maybe not as much as a getting a trip to the Bahamas, but you get the idea.

Our mobile app is totally private and allows you to:

  • See our special promotions
  • Request an appointment
  • Communicate with us
  • Learn about our services

You're familiar with the high quality practice we have established, and we hope that you will participate!

If you choose not to use the app, you will still receive messages from us via email and texts, which you can stop at any time. To unsubscribe, click on the link at the very bottom of the email, or reply STOP to the text messages.

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